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Getting into another branch

Sometimes people who have signed up for the DEP of one branch of the military decide they want to be in a different branch instead. (Keep in mind that the GI Rights Hotline receives complaints about every branch of the military. We are in no position to endorse one branch or component as being the trouble-free option.) Because a person is only allowed to be in one branch of the service at a time, a DEP member who wants to change branches must be discharged before he or she can sign another contract. Because many recruiters leave people in the DEP for the entire year allowed, this presents a problem when people are in a hurry to join another branch. (We do not recommend that anyone hurry into any military contract.) One avenue to speed up the process of getting out is to submit a letter asking for release. (Some people use certified mail and save a copy of the letter for themselves.) Telling the recruiter that you are interested in joining a different branch of the military may cause the recruiter to delay your release as long as possible, knowing that you can’t join another branch until you are released

 If after 2-3 weeks of asking for discharge in writing there is no satisfactory reply, a person can contact their local congressional office and ask that an inquiry be done into status of their separation request. (See or for contact information.)