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USAREC Reg 601-95 Delayed Entry and Delayed Training Program (15 August 2002)

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3-1. General
a. A change in a DEP member's status may occur for various reasons, for example: Failure to graduate, change in short- or long-term goals, failure to report, desire to enlist in another service, and apathy. Other situations that may occur include medical disqualification, acceptance of a scholarship for pursuit of higher education, or death. While a recruiter cannot directly be responsible for a DEP member's conduct he or she can ensure that each DEP member is aware of the Army's expectations such as remaining morally and physically qualified.
b. The command goal is to limit DEP loss to no more than 10 percent of RA gross contracts. Recruiters will make every effort to resell those individuals who request separation from the DEP and are otherwise qualified. If the recruiter is unable to resell the RA, then attempt to sell the USAR. At no time will any member of this command tell a DEP member he or she must go in the Army or he or she will go to jail, or that failure to enlist will result in a blackmark on his or her credit record, or any other statement indicating adverse action will occur if the applicant fails to enlist.

Comments: Once again, it says that they can't threaten you with jail or anything else.