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USAREC Reg 601-45 Recruiting Improprieties Policies and Procedures (13 July 2009)

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2-3. Specific prohibitions


h. Misrepresentation and coercion.

(1) Recruiters will not knowingly mislead or misinform a prospect or applicant regarding any aspect of processing, entitlements, benefits, or other aspects of the Army to entice a prospect or applicant to access or enlist into either the RA or USAR, or transfer to a TPU. This includes "conditional" enlistments in which an applicant enlists based on a recruiter's assurance that the applicant's prospects for selection for another program will improve. Other examples include, but are not limited to, false promises of cash bonus, Army College Fund, Student Loan Repayment Program, regaining custody of dependent children prior to completion of first term of enlistment, overseas assignments, or a specific station of choice.

Comments: The DEP is sometimes (incorrectly) called the Delayed Enlistment Program or the Future Soldiers Program or the Future Soldiers Training Program, "RA" is "Regular Army", "USAR" is "US Army Reserve", "TPU" is "Troop Program Unit".

(2) Recruiters will not threaten, coerce, or intimidate any person for the purpose of inducing a Future Soldier (FS) or FO to report to AD. This includes misrepresenting the likelihood of being apprehended and ordered to AD. It also includes obstructing an FS from being separated from the FSTP or an FO from accessing. Although recruiters may properly attempt to "resell" an FS or FO, they will not unreasonably delay the process of an FS's or FO's request for separation.

Comments: "AD" is "Active Duty", "FSTP" is "Future Soldier Training Program", also known as DEP.  Here it says that they can't threaten you or delay separation if you request it.