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The Written Application

Those applying for CO status are required to answer essay questions about their life and beliefs, and it's probably more writing than you normally do. Remember: you're trying to convince the military to release you after they've spent thousands of dollars training you. You will need to write more than seven paragraphs to convince them!

There are over 20 questions you will be expected to answer. Many of them are not very relevant. There are six questions about your beliefs that get to the heart of your CO application. They can be summarized by these three questions:

· What do you believe (about participation in war)?
· How did your beliefs develop (what events, factors influenced you to believe this)?
· How does your life reflect those beliefs (or how do your beliefs influence decisions or choices you make daily)?

You should also submit letters of support from people who know you and can testify to your sincerity or to the truthfulness of what you have said in your written application.