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Some Facts About Applying for a Dependency or Hardship Discharge

Hardship and dependency discharges often go hand in hand, but account for different situations. A hardship discharge is based on the financial difficulty being in the military is causing. Dependency discharges are based on the emotional hardship being in the military is causing. Criteria for the two discharges are the same.

The military has strict standards for hardship and dependency discharges, and the chances of getting a discharge are greatly increased if the claim is carefully thought out and thoroughly documented.

A discharge application cannot be denied because you are in debt to the military, or government, or because your services are needed by the military.

If applying for a hardship discharge based on financial considerations, you must prove that you will be able to earn more money, or save a significant amount of money, as a civilian. If applying for a dependency discharge, you must show that:

  • Your presence will, if discharged, significantly improve the situation or keep it from getting worse; and
  • No one else can provide the same help.