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3301 Standard Used for Disability Determination

The sole standard to be used in making determinations of physical disability as a basis for retirement or separation is unfitness to perform the duties of office, grade, rank or rating because of disease or injury incurred or aggravated while entitled to basic pay. Each case is considered by relating the nature and degree of physical disability of the member to the requirements and duties that member may reasonably be expected to perform in his or her office, grade, rank or rating.

3302 General Criteria For Making Unfitness Determinations

a. A service member shall be considered Unfit when the evidence establishes that the member, due to physical disability, is unable to reasonably perform the duties of his/her office, grade, rank, or rating (hereafter called duties) to include duties during a remaining period of Reserve obligation.

b. In making a determination of a member's ability to perform his/her duties, the following criteria may be included in the assessment:

(1) Medical condition represents a decided medical risk to the health of the member or to the welfare of other members were the member to continue on active duty or in an Active Reserve status.

(2) Medical condition imposes unreasonable requirements on the military to maintain or protect the member.

(3) Nature of service member's established duties during any remaining period of reserve obligation.