GI Rights Hotline

Military Discharges and Military Counseling

Call 1-877-447-4487

Possible Symptoms

Members can let an evaluator know if they:

  • can’t sleep;
  • have troubled sleep, or wake up exhausted;
  • have nightmares or troubled dreams;
  • sleep more than they think they should;
  • can’t eat;
  • eat all the time;
  • have a sudden loss or gain in weight;
  • have nervous rashes, or break out;
  • have adrenaline rushes, their heart races, they get shaky or tremble;
  • have headaches, backaches, stomach troubles or other pains where the cause does not seem physical;
  • cry sometimes;
  • space out and lose track of where they are or what they are doing;
  • have trouble concentrating, especially at work;
  • have to have friends cover for them at work because they can not concentrate or keep up;
  • think about hurting themselves, now or in the past (including fantasies and planning on how to do it);
  • have ever contemplated suicide, however fleetingly;
  • think about hurting anyone else;
  • have to hold back from hurting anyone;
  • get into fights (remember that some fights may be grounds for disciplinary action);
  • break things (damaging government property can be grounds for disciplinary action);
  • throw things;
  • hit walls;
  • become frightened;
  • are a loner;
  • feel they have lost their friends;
  • have to have people around them;
  • rely on their friends to keep them from freaking out.