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...3. Policy

a. Per MILPERSMAN 1001-150 and references (a), (b), and (c), enlisted reservists may be separated when they:

  • (1) Acquire a combined total of nine unsatisfactory inactive duty training (IDT) periods (Admin Us) or unexcused absences (UA) from scheduled training in a rolling 12-month period, or
  • (2) Fail to satisfactorily complete required active duty (AD) requirements (e.g.,12 or more days annual training (AT), active duty for training, active duty for special work, recall, mobilization, Active Component, or a combination thereof). An approved AT waiver satisfies the AD requirement per reference (d).

b. Per MILPERSMAN 1001-150, an IDT period is considered unsatisfactory when a reservist fails to meet the minimum standards required to maintain the proficiency of the unit and the skill of the individual, or when disciplinary action has been taken per reference (e). More specifically, Admin Us may be issued when a reservist fails to:

  • (1) Report for a scheduled physical examination (e.g.,annual periodic health assessment, flight physical, dental exam, mobilization screening, physical fitness assessment, etc.),
  • (2) Comply with mobilization medical readiness requirements,
  • (3) Submit, or purposefully omits, pertinent information in connection with a physical examination (i.e.,health-related matters not yet documented or solely documented with civilian provider),
  • (4) Keep the Navy reserve activity (NRA) commanding officer (CO) advised of pertinent mobilization information or changes to mailing address, marital status, number of dependents, civilian employment, civilian occupational skills, and any change in physical condition that would prevent the reservist from meeting the physical or mental standards prescribed for mobilization readiness,
  • (5) Respond to official correspondence within prescribed time period, or
  • (6) Comply with verbal or written orders of the NRA CO, to include requirements contained within the plan of the month.


4. Procedures

Note: When reservists fail to meet satisfactory participation requirements, they will no longer be eligible for incentive bonuses, the Montgomery GI Bill Selected Reserve entitlement, transferability of the Post-9/11 GI Bill, or recommendation for advancement or promotion.

a. Use notification procedures in MILPERSMAN 1910-402.

b. After notification procedures are complete, the NRA CO may:

  • (1) Place reservist on probation for 6 months per MILPERSMAN 1001-150,
  • (2) Request NAVPERSCOM Individual Ready Reserve Force Management Division (PERS-93)transfer reservist with no MSO remaining to the Standby Reserve-Inactive (S-2) per MILPERSMAN 1001-125, or
  • (3) Process reservist for ADSEP under this article.

c. Per MILPERSMAN1910-402, reservists with 6 or more years of total military service, calculated from member’s PEBD, are entitled to elect an administrative board. COs should consult with legal counsel and MILPERSMAN 1910-414for further guidance when determining the disposition of an ADSEP case.

d. The NRA CO’s recommendation concerning transfer to S-2 status or discharge must be included in the LOT.

e. All LOTs under this section must be endorsed by the NRA’s immediate superior in command or more senior echelon commander in any case where:

  • (1) One or more Admin Us are used as evidence of unsatisfactory participation and the reservist is not entitled to elect an administrative board (due to having fewer than 6 years of service); or
  • (2) Transfer to S-2 status is recommended.

5. Characterization of Service. Refer to MILPERSMAN 1910-300 for characterization of service. This will generally be “honorable" or “general” (under honorable conditions) for unsatisfactory participation.