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MILPERSMAN 1306-1200, Ch. 9, Limited Duty (5 NOV 2004)

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...2. Definitions

a. Light Duty. Presumes frequent provider/patient interaction to determine whether return to full duty status or more intensive therapeutic intervention is appropriate in any given case; therefore, light duty will be ordered in periods notto exceed 30 days to ensure appropriate patient clinical oversight. Consecutive light duty for any “new condition” up to 90 days may be ordered by the provider (in maximum 30-day periods), but in no case will light duty exceed 90 consecutive days,inclusive of any convalescent leave periods.

b. Limited Duty (LIMDU). The assignment of a member in a duty status for a specified time, following a medical board action, with certain medical limitations/restrictions concerning the duties the member may perform. LIMDU is divided into two separate categories as follows:

(1) Temporary Limited Duty (TLD). A member is assigned in a TLD status when a medical officerexpects the member to be able to return to duty (RTD) in a reasonable period of time. TLD is authorized locally, in increments of6 months with a 12-month maximum, by the convening authority (CA) responsible for the military treatment facility (MTF) initiating TLD. NavyPersonnel Command (NAVPERSCOM), Disability Retirement/ Limited Duty Branch (PERS-4821) will perform a departmental review of all cases that require additional TLD in excess of 12months. The maximum total TLD authorized is 12 months unless otherwise approved by NAVPERSCOM (PERS-4821).

(2) Permanent Limited Duty (PLD) (L5). Assignment authorized by NAVPERSCOM (PERS-4821) to be in a PLD status to complete 20 years active service day-for-day, or remain on active duty until a specific date. Only members who have been found “unfit for continued Naval Service” by the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) may request PLD per reference (a). Members approved for PLD will be placed in a FOR DUTY LIMDU (ACC105) status with a projected rotation date (PRD) that corresponds with the approved PLD date. Once placed in a PLD status, the member may remain at the current command or be assigned to a valid billet per manning control authority (MCA) priorities based on needs of the Navy. Assignment will be made to an area where the required medical care is available and shall remain in that area for the remainder of the member’s Naval Service.