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Format for an Article 138 Complaint

FORMAT FOR REQUEST FOR REDRESS (filed before the filing of an Article 138):

FROM: Name, Rank, Social Security Number
TO: Commanding Officer, Unit
SUBJECT: Request for Redress of Grievances Under Article 138.

(1) State that your letter is written pursuant to Article 138.
(2) State the grievance/problem in detail with statements from witnesses (attach evidence if appropriate) and reference appropriate military regulation.
(3) State the solution to your grievance/problem in detail.
(4) Give a reasonable timeframe for this issue to be resolved.

Reminders: Be polite and avoid making any overt threats. Thank your chain of command for their time. Make multiple copies.

(To be submitted to your immediate supervising (superior) officer.) (For Navy or Marines, see Footnote [4])

FROM: Name, Rank, Social Security Number
TO: Court-Martial Convening Authority over _______________.
VIA: Commanding Officer, Unit (your immediate supervising officer)
SUBJECT: Article 138 Complaint
ENCL: Initial request for redress to Commanding Officer and Collected Evidence
REF: Article 138 of UCMJ
CC: Member of Congress (send the formal complaint to your member of Congress)
CC: Secretary of the Service
CC: Secretary of Defense

(1) State that you are officially filing an Art. 138 complaint against_____________.
(2) Address the unresponsiveness of the chain of command to you initial request for redress.
(3) Restate your grievance/problem and request that it be addressed and an order be given from higher for redress.
(4) Address any abuse you have faced since filing your initial request for redress in detail with statements from witnesses.
(5) State, “I understand that UCMJ requires you to order a complete investigation into this matter and that you must send a copy of my complaint along with the results of your investigation to the Secretary of the _____________ (Army, Navy, …). I request that I be permitted to speak before the investigating officer as appointed by the General Court-Martial Convening Authority (GCMCA).

Reminders: Be polite and formal. Make multiple copies to keep and to give to your immediate supervising (superior) officer. Include a copy of your initial letter requesting redress.