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AR 630-10 Absence Without Leave, Desertion, and Administration of Personnel Involved in Civilian Court Proceedings (13 January 2006)

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2-1. Reception station
Reception stations -
a. Enter an electronic Military Personnel office (eMILPO) attachment transaction for Soldiers who fail to arrive when the reporting date is not contradicted by available data.
b. Initiate an inquiry to determine the individual's location and possible reasons for absence after reporting status.
c. Obtain information from the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) on the individual's processing. Two copies of orders assigning the individual to the reception station are also requested as proof that the individual entered active duty.
d. Contact the absentee's next of kin (NOK) requesting information on the individual's location.
e. Notify the Provost Marshal within 24 hours after a Soldier is reported AWOL.
f. Complete all inquiries within 30 days and report the individual AWOL using the original reporting date shown in the orders.
g. Record results of the inquiry on DA Form 4187.
h. Report all absentees as deserters after 30 consecutive days of AWOL.