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AR 135-178 Army National Guard and Army Reserve Enlisted Administrative Separations (7 November 2017)

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Chapter 13
Unsatisfactory Participation in the Ready Reserve
13-1. Basis

a. A Soldier is subject to discharge for unsatisfactory participation when it is determined that the Soldier is unqualified for further military service because:
(1) The Soldier is an unsatisfactory participant as prescribed by AR 135-91, chapter 4; and
(2) Attempts to have the Soldier respond or comply with orders or correspondence have resulted in
(a) The Soldier's refusal to comply with orders or correspondence; or
(b) A notice sent by certified mail was refused, unclaimed, or otherwise undeliverable; or
(c) Verification that the Soldier has failed to notify the command of a change of address and reasonable attempts to contact the Soldier have failed.
b. Discharge action may be taken when the Soldier cannot be located or is absent in the hands of civil authorities in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 2-18 and chapter 3, section IV.
c. Commanders will not take action prescribed in this chapter in lieu of disciplinary action solely to spare a Soldier who may have committed serious misconduct the harsher penalties that may be imposed under the UCMJ.
13-2. Suspension of favorable personnel action
Favorable personnel action will be suspended in accordance with AR 600-8-2 upon initiation of separation processing under this chapter.
13-3. Characterization of service
a. Characterization of service normally will be Under Other Than Honorable Conditions, but characterization as General (under honorable conditions) may be warranted under the guidelines in chapter 2, section III.
b. For Soldiers who have completed entry level status, characterization of service as Honorable is not authorized unless the Soldier's record is otherwise so meritorious that any other characterization clearly would be inappropriate. In such cases, separation for unsatisfactory participation with an Honorable characterization will be approved by the separation authority (para 1-10). As an exception, the separation authority will approve separation with service characterized as Honorable when an administrative separation board has recommended such characterization.
c. When characterization of service as Under Other Than Honorable Conditions is not warranted for a Soldier in entry level status under chapter 2, section III, the service will be described as uncharacterized.