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[1] AR 27-10, Military Justice (1.3 MB), Chapter 19
[2] Article 138, UCMJ
[3] AFI 51-505, Complaints of Wrongs Under Article 138, Uniform Code of Military Justice (485 KB)
[4] Those in the Navy or Marines must use the format specified by:
JAGMAN (JAGINST 5800.7F), Manual of the Judge Advocate General (22.6 MB)

0306 PROCEDURE … c. … This form must be completed in its entirety, unless a particular subparagraph, such as that providing for an explanation for untimely submission, does not apply.

Date From: (Rank, Name, SSN/Designator) To: (GCMCA over respondent at the time of the alleged wrong) Via: (1) (complainant’s current commanding officer, if needed) (2) (Respondent) (3) (other intermediate superiors in chain-of-command prior to GCMCA) Subj: COMPLAINT OF WRONGS UNDER (choose ARTICLE 138, UCMJ or 1150, U. S. NAVY REGULATIONS) Ref: (a) (choose Article 138, UCMJ or Article 1150, U.S. Navy Regulations (1990) ) (b) JAGMAN, Chapter III Encl: (1) (list individually all documents enclosed with the complaint to support the complaint, including written request for redress, response to request for redress) 1. This complaint of wrongs, under reference (a), is submitted in compliance with reference (b). 2. COMPLAINANT: (person making the complaint) a. Rank, name, SS#, designator: b. Current command: c. Command at time of alleged wrong: d. EAOS/EAS/PCS/Separation/Retirement Date: (list date (s) as appropriate) e. Permanent home address: (place where correspondence should be forwarded upon separation from active duty) 3. RESPONDENT:(person against whom complaint is made) a. Rank and name: b. Organization: (title/position and current command, and if different, provide same information for respondent at the time of the alleged wrong) 4. COMPLAINT: (explain what happened and how it adversely affected you personally) a. Date wrong discovered: b. Date written request for redress was submitted: c. Date answer to request for redress was received: d. Number of days between wrong and submission of complaint: (difference between date in block 4a above and date this form is submitted, excluding the period respondent considered the written request for redress, which can be determined from blocks 4b and 4c above; if complaint is submitted more than 90 days after discovery of the wrong, the delay must be explained in block 4e below) e. Explanation of delay in submission: f. Specific nature of wrong: (include date and place of wrong) 5. RELIEF REQUESTED: (relief must be personal in nature and directly connected to the wrong alleged in block f above; it may not include, for example, a demand for public apology or initiation of action against another) a. (list each relief requested) 6. I CERTIFY THE ABOVE INFORMTION IS TRUE AND CORRECT TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE, AN THIS COMPLAINT IS SUBMITTED PER THE GUIDELINES AND PROCEDURAL REQUIREMENTS IN CHAPTER III, MANUAL OF THE JUGE ADVOCATE GENERAL. SIGNATURE OF COMPLAINANT: ___________________________ Date: ___________________ WITNESS: ___________________________ Date: ___________________