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COMDTINST M1000.4 Military Separations (August 2018)

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1.B.1.f. Definitions
(15) Entry Level Status. The first 180 days of continuous active duty.
1.B.2.d. Reasons for Discharge
(11) Entry-level separation (uncharacterized discharge).
1.B.2.f. Characterization of Service
(6) Uncharacterized Discharge. An uncharacterized discharge by its own connotation is separation without characterization of service. An uncharacterized discharge may be issued only if the provisions of Article 1.B.19. of this Manual apply.
1.B.19.   Uncharacterized Discharges
1.B.19.a. Definition
          (1) Uncharacterized discharges are authorized for all members separated at the entry level on or after 15 June 1983 who:
              (a) Have fewer than 180 days of active service on discharge, and
              (b) Demonstrate poor proficiency, conduct, aptitude or unsuitability for further service during the period from enlistment through recruit training, or
              (c) Exhibit minor pre-existing medical issues not of a disabling nature which do not meet the medical/physical procurement standards in place for entry into the    Service.
          (2) An uncharacterized discharge is used for most recruit separations, except for disability, prior service members entering recruit training, or in cases when another type of discharge may be appropriate as described in Article 1.B.15. of this Manual  for recruits with serious infractions.