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COMDTINST M1000.4 Military Separations (August 2018)

COMDTINST M1000.4 Military Separations (March 2023) (1284 KB)

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S. Uncharacterized Discharges

1. Entry Level Discharges. 10 U.S.C. § 1169 Entry-Level discharges are uncharacterized discharges that are authorized for members separated while in an entry-level status. Entry-level status is defined as a member in their first term of military service with fewer than 180 days of active service, and prior service enlistees who have accumulated fewer than 180 days of active service after a service break of more than 92 days following their prior military service. An entry-level discharge is used for all recruit separations, except as prescribed or authorized by Section 2.A.1.c of this Instruction, and in accordance with this section. Commander (CG PSC), with the concurrence from Commandant, (CG-LGL) has the authority, when compelling circumstances exist, to award an uncharacterized discharge to any member with any amount of total active service.

2. Discharge Certificate. No discharge certificate will be issued to a member awarded an uncharacterized discharge. Only a Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty DD Form 214, will be issued.

3. Counseling. As with most other types of separations, Commanding Officer, Training Center Cape May, will not initiate an uncharacterized discharge before formally counseling the member about their deficiencies and affording an opportunity to overcome them, as reflected in appropriate counseling or personnel records.

4. Authority. Only Commander (CG PSC-EPM-1) and Commanding Officer, Training Center Cape May, and Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy for Coast Guard Scholars have final authority to discharge a member under this Section.

5. Commander Authority Entry-Level. Commanding Officer, Training Center Cape May, and, Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy have the authority to award an uncharacterized discharge to recruits, scholars, and cadets in an entry-level status who:

a. Demonstrate poor proficiency, conduct, aptitude, or unsuitability for further service;

b. Fail to complete established physical fitness accession standards;

c. Exhibit pre-existing conditions which do not meet the medical or physical procurement standards in place for entry into the Service;

d. Commander (CG PSC) retains authority to approve or deny waiver requests for recruits. Commanding Officer, Training Center Cape May and, Superintendent, Coast Guard Academy for Scholars may submit waiver requests for recruits found to have disqualifying conditions but who are recommended for retention, or who are being processed for physical disability under Section 2.N of this Instruction.

e. Were accessed into the Service due to an erroneous or fraudulent enlistment; or

f. When circumstances exist, are involved in a drug incident, notwithstanding Section 2.Q.2.d (2)(a) of this Instruction.