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DoD Directive 1332.14 Enlisted Administrative Separations (January 27, 2014, Incorporating Change 2, Effective January 27, 2017)

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(1) An enlisted Service member may be separated while in entry-level status (see section 5 of this enclosure) when it is determined under the guidance in section 1 of Enclosure 4 that the enlisted Service member is unqualified for further military service by reason of unsatisfactory performance, conduct, or both. Evidence of an enlisted Service member being unqualified may include lack of capability, lack of reasonable effort, failure to adapt to the military environment, or minor disciplinary infractions.

(2) When separation of an enlisted Service member in entry-level status is warranted by unsatisfactory performance, minor disciplinary infractions, or both, the enlisted Service member normally should be processed for entry-level separation. However, entry-level status does not preclude separation under another basis for separation authorized by this issuance when such separation is warranted by the circumstances of the case.

b. Counseling and Rehabilitation. Counseling and rehabilitation requirements are important aspects of this reason for separation. Separation processing may not be initiated until the enlisted Service member has been formally counseled concerning those deficiencies and has been afforded an opportunity to overcome those deficiencies as reflected in appropriate counseling or personnel records. An enlisted Service member should not be separated when this is the sole reason unless appropriate efforts at rehabilitation have been made under standards prescribed by the Secretary concerned.

c. Description of Separation. Entry-level separation.



entry-level status. Upon enlistment, a Service member qualifies for entry-level status during:

The first 180 days of continuous active military service; or

The first 180 days of continuous active service after a service break of more than 92 days of active service. A Service member of a Reserve Component who is not on active duty or who is serving under a call or order to active duty for 180 days or less begins entry-level status upon enlistment in a Reserve Component. Entry-level status for such a Service member of a Reserve Component terminates:

One hundred eighty days after beginning training if the Service member is ordered to active duty for training for one continuous period of 180 days or more; or

Ninety days after the beginning of the second period of active duty training if the Service member is ordered to active duty for training under a program that splits the training into two or more separate periods of active duty. For the purposes of characterization of service or description of separation, the Service member’s status is determined by the date of notification as to the initiation of separation proceedings.