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Programa de ingreso postergado (Delayed Entry Program (DEP))


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MCRCO 1100.1 Enlistment Processing Manual (EPM) (9 November 2011)

MCRCO 1100.1 Enlistment Processing Manual (EPM) 9 November 2011 (1.5 MB)

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1. General Information

a. This program permits the Recruiting Command to enlist male and female applicants into the Regular Marine Corps or SMCR and delay their departure for recruit training. Regular and Reserve non-prior service applicants are eligible to participate in the program. See paragraph 4205, page 4-32, for additional information.

Comentario: "SMCR" significa las Selected Marine Corps Reserve (las reservas elegidas de los Marine Corps).

b. Individuals intending to enlist into the Regular Marine Corps and desiring to participate in the DEP must first enlist into the Marine Corps Reserve. The DEP is a component of the Marine Corps Reserve.

Comentario: Lo que dice esta parte es que para entrar en el DEP, se tiene que alistar en las SMCR.

These individuals remain in the Reserve while in the DEP, do not become a member of a specific unit, are credited with inactive duty time against their military service obligation (MSO) of 8 years, are not required to attend any Reserve unit functions, and are not entitled to any pay or other benefits. These individuals are often referred to as poolees. On the date these individuals depart for recruit training, they are administratively discharged from the reserve component and enlisted onto active duty in the Regular Marine Corps.

2. Disqualified Enlistees
c. When an individual is qualified, properly enlisted, and sworn in, but refuses to execute the order to recruit training or to the assigned command, the recruiting station commander will immediately notify the gaining command of the same. The gaining command will join the enlistee by service record only and make an appropriate unit diary entry reflecting "unauthorized absence", and process for discharge.

Comentario: Aquí dice que si usted no va al entrenamiento básico, lo separará del DEP.

3. Other Situations Involving Members of the DEP and SMCR Awaiting IADT Where Discharge is Appropriate

Comentario: "IADT" significa "Initial Active Duty Training" (entrenamiento inicial para servicio activo), también conocido como "boot camp"


  d. Desire for Release or Intent Not to Report. Cases will arise in which members express a desire to be released from their enlistment contract. This may have been expressed through letters to a congressional representative via chain of command. Their intention is to not report to the MEPS for enlistment in the Marine Corps, or to not execute their IADT orders. Whenever commanding officers of recruiting stations are confronted with the above situation, the following action will be taken:

   (1) The individual will be interviewed and counseled about fulfilling the contract. Individuals will be reminded that their enlistment contract is legally and morally binding.

    (2) If the interview and counseling session fails, and the individual insists on being released from the enlistment, the individual will be discharged as soon as possible.

    (3) Letters advising individuals of their discharge from the DEP should not chastise or degrade the individual. Rather, we should offer our best wishes for success in their future endeavors so as to maintain a cordial relationship.

Comentario: Aquí dice que si usted les pide que le condonen las obligaciones emanadas del contrato lo separarán del DEP.

4. Procedures for Discharge of Members of the DEP/SMCR Prior to IADT

b. District commanding officers may effect discharges for members of the DEP and members of the SMCR awaiting IADT under the provisions contained in the current edition of MCO P1900.16 (Short Title MARCORSEPMAN). They may authorize recruiting station commanding officers to effect the requested discharges. Reserve component entry-level status begins upon enlisting and terminates 180 days after the beginning of entry-level active duty training. Therefore, these discharges will be categorized as "uncharacterized entry-level separations." Under normal circumstances, these discharges do not require a DD 214, or discharge certificate (DD Form 256). The letter format in figure 4-3, page 4-65, will be the only correspondence used to effect an "uncharacterized entry-level separation." 

Comentario: Aquí dice que la clase de separación es Entry Level Separation (separación al nivel inicial) que no tiene calificación (es decir, no es deshonrosa ni honrosa). Además, normalmente no recibirá documentos de separación.


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