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Programa de ingreso postergado (Delayed Entry Program (DEP))


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USAREC Regulation 601-210 (V7_4) Enlistment and Accessions Processing (3 January 23)

USAREC Regulation 601-210 (V7_4) Enlistment and Accessions Processing (3 January 23) (2.7 MB)

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Chapter 11

Active and Reserve Component Separations

11- 1. Purpose

This chapter outlines procedures for processing DEP/DTP/DS separations after the initial Oath of Enlistment.

11- 2. General

Requests for separation from the DEP/DTP/DS are approved for valid reasons identified in AR 601-210 and AR135-178. Reasons for granting FS separations and approving authorities are provided at Tables I-1 and I-2. b.

a. Separations fall into three categories:

b. The result of a request from a member of the DEP/DTP/DS

c.The discovery of an erroneous or fraudulent enlistment

d. Medical disqualifications

  • Comentario: FS significa Future Soldier.

11- 3. Routing of Separation Requests

a. The request for a FS initiated separation must bear the signature of the FS who initiated the request.

b. Recruiting personnel must respond positively to any inquiry from FSs concerning separations from theDEP/DTP/DS. Under no circumstances will any member of this command threaten, coerce, manipulate, or intimidate FSs, nor may they obstruct separation requests.

Comentario: Recruiters debe conceder una solicitud para separacíon del FS.

c. Submit FSs UF 601-210.21 (Separation Request) with supporting documents through the chain of command.

d. Bn Cdrs may approve requests within their authority and publish appropriate separation orders.

11- 4. Separation Procedures

a. Process FS separation by:

(1) FS initiate separation request on UF 601-210.21 and must be signed by the FS. If the FS is unavailable or refuses to sign, write "unavailable for signature" or "refuses to sign" in the remarks section of the form. For medically disqualified FSs, the CMO must annotate the DD 2808 with the disqualification which will be uploaded in ERM by the SGC/GC, a UF 601-210.21 is not required for a FS who is medically disqualified by the CMO.

Comentario: La firma del FS no es necesaria para procesar la separacíon.

(2) Bn Ops or GCs will cancel the reservation with the correct code. When the FS is medically disqualified, cancel the reservation as soon as possible to mitigate losses of training base reservations inside of 30 days.

(3) Bn Ops will publish appropriate separation orders within 14 days. Upload UF 601-210.21, REQUESTcancellation printout, supporting documents, and the discharge orders in the "DEP Admin" folder in ERM.

(4) A workflow is generated as a result of the discharge being approved. GCs will provide the discharge ordersand medical records to the MEPS Ops who will remove the record from MIRS.

(5) GCs will verify the record is removed within 14 days from date of discharge orders in MIRS by obtaining anupdated 680-3ADP verifying the discharge data is correct and upload the 680-3ADP in ERM. If errors are discovered, report them to the respective MEPS for corrections.

b. For FSs who enlist into the DS and fail to enter the RA on scheduled ship date:

(1) No separation orders are published for DS. The GC shop completes the UF 601-210.21, and cancels theREQUEST reservation on the same day.

(2) For FSs who enlisted on a DD 368. Complete the remainder of the DD 368 for forwarding to the Service with additional information for distribution as per below.

(a) Enter the cancellation code (see Para I-9) in the space provided; Section III (#7).

(b) Complete Section III (#8).

(c) Complete the remarks block to explain the reason for the cancellation; Section IV.

(3) The REQUEST cancellation printout, completed DD 368, and UF 601-210.21 for Soldiers in the RA DS arecaptured and uploaded in the” DEP Admin” folder in ERM. Copies are provided to the individual and the unit. (This applies to serving members of any RC)

(4) Soldiers of the IRR, Inactive National Guard (ING), or other Services (non-unit members), and those withno MSO, distribute as outlined in (4) above, less the unit. The UF 601-210.21 is uploaded in the “DEP Admin” folder in ERM.

(5) For reasons of death, explanation on UF 601-210.21 is sufficient. Check the “Death” block and in theremarks section, enter “Member Deceased”.

(6) For DS with a positive HIV results the UF 601-210.21 only reflects “medical” in the Remarks.

(7) The Bn Ops monitors DEP/DTP/DS losses in RMZ, under the FS Loss tab to ensure accountability andproper coding for all losses in GCRc.

c. When a FS enlists into DEP/DTP, the DD 4 series is valid until discharge orders are published and signed by the Bn Cdr. The Bn publishes the discharge order within 14 days of the cancellation of the reservation.

d. The following procedures comply with AR 135-178 when processing a FS separation:

(1) When the AR FS requests separation by signing a UF 601-210.21, the notification process identified in AR135-178 is considered to have been completed.

(2)When the AR FS’s DAT or HIV test is returned positive, the letter of notification issued by CMO isconsidered to comply with the notification process contained in AR 601-210, chapter 5-78 for DAT and AR 600- 110 (Identification, Surveillance, and Administration of Personnel Infected with HIV) for HIV. I- 5. Procedures for Separation from the RA after the Oath of Enlistment

a. Each case will be reviewed by HQ USAREC. Bn Ops will forward an ETP to EEPD Policy through the chainof chain of command via workflow.

b. Separation from the RA as a result of the discovery of a disqualification (erroneous enlistments) after theOath of Enlistment, but prior to the FS's shipment (departure from the MEPS) the enlistment will be voided as follows:

(1) After GC reports the disqualification to MEPS, the MEPS Cdr will revoke any orders already issuedassigning the individual to a Reception Battalion (RECBN) or other unit of assignment and will issue an order assigning the individual to the respective recruiting Bn for the purpose of separation. The REQUEST reservation is not cancelled and the record is "Shipped confirmed" in REQUEST.

NOTE: This is only authorized on the day of accession. After the day of accession, MEPCOM does not have authority to revoke orders or change PULHES.

(2)The recruiting Bn Cdr will void the enlistment by issuing an order (AR 600-8-105) releasing the individual from the custody and control of the Army. The order will reflect that the individual's enlistment is void by reason of erroneous enlistment and that his/her release from the custody and control of the Army is being accomplished by reason of a void enlistment.

NOTE: If the FS absents themselves from the MEPS without authority prior to ship or fails to appear for the departure of the FS's transportation, the MEPS notifies the ship GC, who notifies EEPD ROC immediately. The ROC will notify the respective RECBN and the EEPD PS/Liaison Branch Chief. The initiation of separation, if appropriate, is a function of the initial receiving activity or RECBN and is not the responsibility of MEPS or the recruiting Bn. The individuals have accessed into the Army and are not assigned to the respective recruiting Bn for separation.

11- 6. Positive Drug Test Separation

Process all FSs with confirmed positive drug test (DAT) results as follows:

a. GC cancels the REQUEST reservation on the same day the notification is received in GCRc.

(1) Positive for THC (marijuana), use cancellation code PT.

(2) Positive for amphetamines, or both THC and amphetamines, use cancellation code PB.

(3) Positive for cocaine, or both THC and cocaine, use cancellation code PC.

(4) Positive for opiates or both THC and opiates, use cancellation code PO.

b. UF 601-210.21 is not required for the above cancellations with the exception of DS FSs.

c. PS FSs do not require discharge by the Bn. However, notification of positive DAT is required, andcancellation of the reservation is mandatory

d. Publish and upload all positive drug test separation orders in ERM within 14 days of cancellation.

e. Cancel reservations for AR FSs with confirmed positive drug results using the “full” cancellation process andnotify the gaining unit.

(1) The GC informs Bn Ops upon notification of a DAT result for AR FSs and cancels the REQUESTreservation on the same day notification is received.

(2) An MFR from the Bn notifying the TPU Cdr of the positive drug test is required. Upload all notificationMFRs in the “DEP Admin” folder in ERM.

11- 7. Failure to Report

If the FS simply fails to report; cannot be located, declares a refusal to enlist in the RA, reports for AD but declines enlistment in the RA and does not formally request separation; and there are no extenuating circumstances, the BnOps reviews the enlistment record to ensure that all required documents are present, properly prepared, signed, dated, and witnessed, as appropriate. The reservation is cancelled and the individual is discharged (as required)...

AR 135-178 Army National Guard and Reserve Enlisted Administrative Separations (7 November 2017)

AR 135-178 Army National Guard and Reserve Enlisted Administrative Separations (7 November 2022) (3.7 MB)

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Chapter 14

Section II
Separation from the Delayed Entry Program

14–5. Basis
A Soldier who enlisted in the USAR under the DEP in accordance with AR 601–210 must be processed for separation if they satisfy the conditions in paragraphs 14–5a or 14-5b, and may be processed for separation if they satisfy the conditions in paragraphs 14–5c or 14-5d.
a. Upon enlistment in the regular Army (para 5–4a).
b. On discovery that the USAR enlistment is defective. The Soldier will be processed for separation under para 7–3.
c. The Soldier is found to be ineligible for enlistment in the regular Army.
d. The Soldier declines enlistment in the regular Army and is not being ordered to active duty as a Reserve of the Army (10 USC 12103(b)).

14–6. Characterization or description
a. The service of a Soldier discharged on the basis of paragraph 14–5a, is not characterized. (See DD Form 4 (Enlistment/Reenlistment Document Armed Forces of the United States), section G.)
b. The separation of a Soldier on the basis of paragraph 14–5c or paragraph 14–5d, will be described as an entry level separation and the service will be uncharacterized.