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BUPERS INSTRUCTION 1001.39F (17 Sep 07) Administrative Procedures for Navy Reservists

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1103. Criteria for Satisfactory Participation.

COs of each NOSC are responsible for monitoring the participation of their members. Criteria for satisfactory participation in the drilling Navy Reserve follows:

1. Members will be designated as an unsatisfactory participant when nine or more IDT periods in a running 12-month period are declared unsatisfactory or are unexcused absences.

Comentario: "IDT" significa Inactive Duty (for) Training (servicio no activo para entrenamiento).
"AT" significa Annual Training (entrenamiento anual).

2. Members must perform a minimum of 12 to 14 days AT each fiscal year when AT is required...

3. Members must report as directed for physical examinations and provide medical information as requested to determine physical qualifications for retention in the Navy Reserve.

4. Members must keep their NOSC CO informed of

a. current address and work and home telephone numbers.

b. changes in physical status.

c. dependency changes.

d. current employment status.

e. other factors that could affect mobilization potential.

5. Members must respond to all official correspondence.

6. Members must comply with involuntary recall to Active Duty.

1107. Actions to be Taken for Unsatisfactory Participation.When members fail to meet the satisfactory participation requirements, they will no longer be eligible for receipt of an Incentive Bonus, the Montgomery GI Bill-Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR) entitlement, or recommendation for advancement or promotion. Additionally, one of the following administrative actions will be taken:

1. Enlisted personnel, upon the recommendation of the unit CO, will be

a. placed on probation for 6 months (figure 11-1), or

b. processed for administrative separation per chapter 8 of this instruction.


1. Enlisted personnel may be placed on 6 months probation for unsatisfactory participation if the NOSC CO believes the circumstances that caused the Reservist to be an unsatisfactory participant have been resolved.

2. If during the 6-month probationary period the member accrues one unexcused absence or fails to meet any other participation requirement, the member's drill assignment may be canceled.

3. Additional probationary periods will not be granted at the local level. Cases requiring additional probationary periods will be forwarded via the chain of command to COMNAVRESFORCOM (N12) for determination.