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AR 630-10, Chapter 6 Mobilization Army National Guard of the United States and United States Army Reserve

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6-2. Desertion
a. Army policy during mobilization is to access as ASNJ and identify all ARNGUS and USAR personnel who fail to report on their established reporting date after "no-show" status has been confirmed.

Comments: "ASNJ" significa Assigned-Not-Joined (designado pero no agregado).


(1) The ARNGUS and USAR absentees are accessed as ASNJ to the Active Army on their established reporting date.


(2) The ARNGUS and USAR personnel are reported as deserters when the gaining unit commander, for Selected Reserve Personnel, or the Commander, HRC-St. Louis, for other than Selected Reserve, determines that the absentee knew of or received his or her mobilization orders and the personnel did not report for AD during the 30 days following their established reporting date.
(3) When the Commander, HRC-St. Louis cannot make a determination whether the IRR Soldier knew of or received their mobilization orders, they may initiate administrative separation actions from the date of such determination but not less than 12 months from the original report date of the mobilization orders.
c. The ARNGUS and USAR personnel who are absent without proper authority after reporting for AD are processed per chapters 2 through 5 of this regulation, unless otherwise stated.