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AR 190-9 Absentee Deserter Apprehension Program and Surrender of Military Personnel to Civilian Law Enforcement Agencies (28 September 2015)

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Chapter 2

Reporting Absentees

2-2. Deserter Reporting

a. The unit commander will—
(1) Immediately report an absentee as a deserter to the DCO (if applicable) or the PMO/DES (by means of DD Form 553) when one or more of the following applies:
(f) The Soldier remains absent for 30 consecutive days and is administratively dropped from the rolls (DFR) by means of DA Form 4187 (Personnel Action).

(2) In the remarks section of the DD Form 553, add any other known information about the Soldier such as:
(a) Attempts made to locate Soldier.
(b) Date next of kin letter sent.
(c) Confirmed or suspected drug use/abuse.
(d) History of violence.
(e) History of escapes or attempted escapes from custody.
(f) Suicidal tendencies.
(g) History of other unauthorized absence(s).
(h) Recent deployments within the past 12 months.
(i) Data pertaining to any aliases or also known as (for example name and social security number).

b. The DCO (if applicable) will—
(1) Ensure that the unit commander has accurately completed the DD Form 553 by validating Soldier’s information in personnel records systems (iPERMS and electronic military personnel office (eMILPO)).
(2) Ensure procedures in paragraph 2–3 are completed if absentee meets the criteria of appendixes B, C, and D of this regulation.

(3) Obtain a photograph of the absentee, if possible.

(4) Report absentees as deserters to the PMO/DES within 24 hours of receipt of the DD Form 553.

(5) Upon receipt of completed DD Form 553 from PMO/DES, forward to unit commander.

c. The installation PMO/DES desk sergeant will—
(1) Upon receipt of DD Form 553, update the LER adding the offense of desertion to a previously reported AWOL associated with this incident. If a LER was not previously prepared for this incident, the PMO/DES will initiate an LER to document both the AWOL and desertion offenses and all actions pertaining to this incident.

(2) Complete sections of the DD Form 553, adding any known information about the Soldier such as—
(a) Installation and state vehicle registration number.
(b) Criminal charges of violent crime(s) for which there is a record or an active investigation in which the absentee is a suspect or titled subject for violent crimes.
(c) LER number.

(3) Upload a copy of the DD Form 553 to the LER.

(4) Forward DD Form 553 to the USADIP for entry of warrant into NCIC.

(5) If applicable, return completed DD Form 553 to the DCO within 24 hours.