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Will enlistment help me to achieve my goals?

Many people enlist hoping to get job training and work experience. But you may find that military experience hurts, rather than helps, your search for a good job. Going into the military may not be the best or only way to get money for college or vocational training.


Before you enlist, look carefully at what you will actually be doing—not just your job title. You may find that your job isn't exactly what you thought it would be.


*The military may not give you the job training and work experience you expect. Jobs with fancy sounding titles often are low-skill and non-technical.


*Many military jobs are so different from civilian jobs that you may not be able to use your training after you leave the military, or you may have to be retrained.


*The military is not required to keep you full-time in the job for which you are trained or for the entire time you are in the military.


*The amount of military education benefits that you can receive (Post 9-11 GI Bill) is based on your time in the military and requires an honorable discharge. This money also comes at a cost—spending years of your life in the military, the likelihood of deployment, and a higher incidence of injury or death than most jobs.