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Recruiter harassment

After signaling a change of heart, many DEP members have reported harassment from recruiters. The level of harassment varies from recruiter to recruiter and case to case. If a recruiter is calling too often, a person can ask them to stop calling. If the calls persist, a person can report the recruiter for phone harassment through the phone provider.

 A recruiter has no right to enter someone's private property. A person can ask a recruiter to leave and report the recruiter to the police for trespassing if the recruiter remains or comes back. Most workplaces are also private property, and a recruiter who comes to someone's workplace can be asked to leave and can be reported for trespassing if they refuse. If a recruiter doesn't leave someone alone in a school, the person can go to the principle or other school authorities to complain about the harassment. Friends and family members are under no obligation to assist recruiters and need not give them access to private property.

 If a recruiter shows up at someone's home on the person's ship date, they have no right to enter the property without permission, nor are they allowed to force someone to leave the property. Even in cases when a person has not had contact with the recruiter in weeks or months, it is still likely that the recruiter will attempt to contact a person and try to persuade him or her to go on the ship date. Many people decide to be away from home on the ship date to avoid possible confrontations with recruiters. To discuss any of these issues with a GI Rights counselor call 877 447 4487.