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Supporting Statements

A statement by, or on behalf of, the person(s) experiencing hardship or dependency (your family) must be submitted for proof of the claim. Family members should write letters that explain the situation, describe in detail why they can not give financial or personal help (including, where appropriate, statements of income and expenses), or why the help that family members do provide is not enough. (Usually it is not enough for you to state that relatives cannot or will not help with the situation. You must ask relatives to provide their own statements for your application.) Also provide statements from at least two people who know of the situation, but are not members of the family (such as doctors, employers, neighbors, etc.).

A claim of financial hardship must be supported by a carefully prepared and itemized budget. You will be expected to visit a base financial counseling service, where available. These service centers assist with budgeting and debt relief and can help draft an itemized budget. If possible, provide a notarized letter from a prospective employer with a job offer after discharge, including the salary, type of work, and hours of work per week.

If there is an illness or disability in the family, include a statement from all involved physicians or psychologists giving the history (including the date when the illness became serious or acute), diagnosis, and, most importantly, the prognosis of the illness.

If dependency is the result of a death in your family, provide a copy of the death certificate or other valid proof of death. Death certificates are usually kept in the city hall of the town where the person died or at the state capital. If you have trouble getting a copy, ask a doctor or minister to write a statement saying when the person died.

If your family works a farm and you are needed there, a statement from the County Farm Agent or Farm Bureau can be submitted. It should report the size of the farm, the area under cultivation, numbers of livestock, the availability of other farm labor in the area, and any other relevant information.

People asked to make statements will write most effectively if you explain the extent of the problem and the standards the military sets for discharge (see Tips for Statement Writers below). All letters and documentation should be sent to you, not directly to the commander. After gathering the documentation, check that the information is complete, accurate, and consistent. Call us at the GI Rights Hotline for help.