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Documentation for an Entry Level Peformance and Conduct Discharge (Entry Level Separation)

When documenting unsatisfactory performance be careful not to provide the command with evidence of misconduct. If you are performing poorly in your training program, obtain records of your low test scores, evaluations, administrative remarks, and any other notations of problems contained in your military record. If you have minor disciplinary infractions, gather any record of disciplinary action (including nonjudicial punishment), counseling by members of the command, and attempts at rehabilitation.

Nonmilitary evidence of poor performance or inability may also be helpful to demonstrate that you have dubious potential for success in the military. Gather evidence of low high school grades or difficulties in a civilian job. Evidence of disciplinary problems before joining the military might be useful. However, be careful about providing evidence of fraudulent enlistment.

Inability to adapt socially or emotionally to military life, or lack of motivation and self-discipline, can best be documented by a report or letter from a health care provider, mental health professional, or other counselor (such as a clergy member or social worker). A strong evaluation finding you unfit for military service and recommending a discharge can be very effective if combined with some evidence of a lack of adaptability in the member’s record.