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Civilian Diagnosis

When a disability is suspected a person can obtain an evaluation from a civilian doctor. For the case to move forward the doctor must eventually give a thorough examination and write letters or reports explaining the individual’s disability. (See Supporting Statements from Medical Professionals, below.)

A civilian doctor can use the regulations as a guide for knowing what information to emphasize. Keep in mind that a person may be physically disabled by a condition, or a series of minor conditions, which, while not specifically listed in the regulations, may prevent the member from performing his or her duties. The doctor may want to send for copies of medical records from the family physician, parents, or school because the military will want to know when the condition arose or became worse. Test results and x-ray findings can be included in the doctor’s report.

If the situation warrants it, the doctor can contact the head of the medical facility and ask to consult with an appropriate specialist. If special tests or hospitalization for treatment or observation is called for, the doctor can suggest them.