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COMDTINST M1000.8A Military Assignments and Authorized Absences (June 2019)

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2.A.16. Absence Without Leave
2.A.16.a. General
(1) In general, a member who absents himself or herself or remains absent through their own fault and without authority from the place where required to be at a prescribed time, is absent without leave.
(2) Where an absence was avoidable, but the commanding officer, in their discretion, decides not to take disciplinary action against the absentee, the absence is neither excused nor excusable, and must be carried on all personnel records as an unauthorized absence. If mast was held, the mast action should be recorded as "charge dismissed" rather than "excused."
(3) Personnel absent without proper authority in excess of 24 hours will forfeit leave credit for each day or part of day absent unless such absence is excused as unavoidable in accordance with Article 2.A.16.b. below. When absence is not excused, leave will not be charged; however, time lost will be charged as deductible time.
(4) A member of the Coast Guard cannot avoid absence without leave by reporting to another military unit prior to the expiration of their leave because there can be no exercise of military control sufficient to avert unauthorized absence when a member is still accountable to their parent organization. However, a moment after leave has terminated the member can report to another military unit disclosing their identity and status, and, if military control is exercised, the status of unauthorized absence will be terminated. A member who reports immediately after the absence status begins can
limit the maximum punishment imposable for unauthorized absence to one day.