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Military Discharges and Military Counseling

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Background Information

Providing background information can help an evaluation. Members can say if they:

  • come from a broken home;
  • had an alcoholic parent;
  • had a parent who received psychiatric help, or whom they think needed help;
  • had a parent or family member who abused them, physically, sexually, or psychologically;
  • had a family that didnt give much love and support;
  • had a family that was so tight they had no room to breathe or be on their own;
  • got into legal trouble (however, if the military doesn’t know about this, it might cause trouble);
  • got suspended or kicked out of school;
  • dropped out of school;
  • had to see the school counselor sometimes;
  • saw a child psychologist or psychiatrist;
  • were counseled by pastors or teachers about problems;
  • got into fights or acted rowdy;
  • spent time in a reform school, jail or any kind of institution (again, if this comes as a surprise to the military, there might be problems);
  • ever tried to hurt themselves or other people;
  • ever freaked out, whether or not anyone else knew about it;
  • ever had problems with alcohol or problems with drugs (if they came in on a drug waiver, repeating that information is OK).