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The military regulations are written as instructions for military personnel. They do not include a how-to guide for getting out of the DEP. Consequently, information about getting out of the DEP is scattered and sometimes gives different impressions about the ease of getting out. Although the regulations do indicate that DEP members can change their minds and get out, the most clear indicator we have seen regarding final outcome is not the regulations. The most clear indicator is the actual final outcomes of the thousands of cases we have seen over the years. To date we have not seen or heard of anyone who could not get out of the DEP when they desired to do so. We have had cases of people who went ahead and joined or stayed in based on misinformation, but no one that has taken the steps listed above has been forced to join.

You can read the military’s complete regulations about getting out of the DEP by clicking on the box for the DEP and your branch of the military on the discharge pages.