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AFI 36-3208 ADMINISTRATIVE SEPARATION OF AIRMEN (9 July 2004 incorporating changes through 2 July 2013)

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Chapter 5


5.52.2. Prolonged Unauthorized Absence. Airmen may be discharged for misconduct based on unauthorized absence continuing for 1 year or more. When a member who has been absent for 1 year or more returns to military control, the GCM authority decides whether the member will be tried by court-martial. If trial for the unauthorized absence is barred, or is considered inadvisable, the airman may be processed for administrative discharge. Discharge processing takes place at the base where the member returns to military control. Airmen who do not return to military control may not be processed for discharge for unauthorized absence without the approval of HQ AFMPC/DPMARS2. Refer to Chapter 6, Section 6I, for more information.

Comments:"GCM" is General Court-Martial. 


Chapter 6


Section 6I - Processing Airmen Dropped From Unit Rolls

6.48. Status of Airmen. They are dropped from the rolls (DFR) of their units according to AFMAN 36-2125 (Formerly AFR 35-40). DFR is an administrative action that does not change the airman's status as a member of the Air Force. For information about how it applies to deserters, see AFI 36-2911, Desertion and Unauthorized Absence (formerly AFR 35-73). The fact that an airman was DFR as a deserter does not bar a later finding under AFI 36-2911 that the member was only absent without leave (AWOL).

6.48.1. The procedures in this section apply only when HQ AFMPC/DPMARS2, on a case-by-case basis, names a unit to process the discharge of an absentee under paragraph 5.52. For information about other discharge in absentia actions, see paragraph 1.12.