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Reporting Crime Involving Servicemembers

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From time to time people contact the GI Rights Hotline wanting to report criminal wrongdoing involving members of the military.  As a nongovernmental, nonprofit organization the GI Rights Hotline is not connected to law enforcement inside or outside of the military. 

Servicemembers and civilians wanting to report crime that occurred outside of a military base can contact local law enforcement from the jurisdiction where the offense happened.  (Sometimes those authorities will also contact the military.  For incidents that occur on base or involving a servicemember acting in an official capacity reports can be made to the military police or  provost marshal of the base or to CID (criminal investigation division).  Contact numbers can typically be found through an internet search. 

Other options for reporting include the DoD IG Hotline 800 442 4551, DoD IG Website fax 703 604 8567. For issues involving the Army the Army CID Website is another option for reporting crime.

Sometimes servicemembers want to discuss how reporting a crime could affect their standing in a unit.  While our counselors are not able to give legal advice, we can sometimes help people review different considerations related to reporting a crime committed by another service member.

GI Rights Hotline Counselors can be reached through our confidential,  toll free number 877-447-4487