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More Recent Discharge Upgrade News

Published by girights

On 28 AUG 17 the DOD issued significant new guidance on the meaning of “liberal consideration” in discharge upgrade cases involving PTSD, TBI, other mental health conditions, as well as guidance for applications involving sexual assault and sexual harassment.  Some experts who work in the field are calling this guidance a game changer in favor or wider recognition of the injuries veterans have suffered.


The new emphasis recognizes that: "Invisible wounds are some of the most difficult cases the review and there are frequently limited records for the boards to consider, often through no fault of the veteran, in resolving apppeals for relief.  Standards for review should rightly considered the unique nature of the cases and afford each veteran a reasonable opportunity for relief even if the sexual assault or sexual harassment was unreported, or the menatal health condition was not diagnosed until years later." The DoD goes on to list many forms of evidence that could substantiate a claim.  



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