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MORE LIVE HOURS New Phone System for GI Rights Hotline

Published by girights

The GI Rights Hotline has just adopted a new phone system which should bring some benefits for callers including greater availability. The number remains unchanged, 877-447-4487.

In the past incoming calls to our hotline were forwarded to one of our offices based on the area code of the phone the person called from.  If no one was in at that regional office the call went to voice mail.  The old area code based routing system did not account for people moving around the country with their cell phones.  Now our system allows any of our offices to answer incoming any calls to our nationwide toll free number.

If there is an available counselor anywhere, that person picks up the call. The result is that many more callers reach a live counselor on the first try.  In most situations the counselor who picks up will be able to help right away.  Sometimes the initial counselor may redirect the caller to another office better suited for a particular situation. 

Most of our counselors will give a direct number for later "followup" communications. If the contact information is lost we can usually help someone reconnect with a specific counselor. For a list of contact information for our offices click here  If the previous counselor is not available, callers can leave a message or try the toll free number, 877-447-4487, where other counselors can often help, especially in emergencies.  Given our limited size and the high demand for our services there are still times when callers may have to leave a voicemail. (We are still not 24/7 -perhaps someday.) However, our new system also allows counselors to return messages more quickly than before. 

The system is largely in place and already working well. We are glad to be making this better service available to you.  Let us know how it works for you.