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Military Trying to Cut Out Non-Deployable Members

Published by girights

According to a Military Times Article the Department of Defense is making a stronger effort to outprocess service members that are not likely to be available for deployments.   The Army times Wrote:

"Service Members who have been non-deployable for the past 12 months or more will be separated from the military, based on new Defense Department policies that are under final review.The “policy will require the services to process members who are non-deployable for 12 consecutive months for admin or disability separation,” according to a draft summary of the policy obtained by Military Times.“This memo will be followed by a [Department of Defense Instruction], which will take several months to complete.”

The policy is likely to also have exceptions for special circumstances such as people close to retirement. Some of the people being separated would go through the Integrated Disability Evaluation system while others would be processed through administrative channels like Other Designated Physical and Mental Conditions (ODPMC).  Which track a person is on could dramatically affect future benefits.  Should this policy be approved there will be thousands of new people facing discharges that may wish to discuss their situations with counselors. 

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