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Military Members Face Impact of US Supreme Court Decision on Abortion

Published by girights

The recent Supreme Court decision on abortion creates inequalities that include service members' access to abortion. Military officials have stated that the ruling will not affect federal protections that guarantee the right of women in the military to seek abortions in cases of rape, incest, or if the mother's life is in danger. However, as a result of the ruling, a service member can now be transferred from a state that allows abortion to one where access is no longer legal. Depending on where she is stationed, a service member seeking a legal abortion may need to request leave from her command to travel to another state for the procedure, which could potentiallly compromise her privacy and subject her rights to the discretion of a potentially unsympathetic commander.

Some lawmakers and Pentagon officials are trying to address these issues as seen in this report in the Ohio Capital Journal. Every year the military loses people it has trained to pregnancy and parenthood discharges. It is not yet clear what impact may arise from increased births coming from the change in the law.