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DoD Directive 1332.14 Enlisted Administrative Separations (January 27, 2014)

DoD Directive 1332.14 Enlisted Administrative Separations (January 27, 2014) (302 KB)

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a. Basis. An enlisted Service member may be separated for convenience of the U.S.
Government for these reasons:

(3) Dependency or Hardship. Undue hardship does not necessarily exist solely because
of altered present or expected income, family separation, or other inconveniences normally
incident to military service. Upon request of the enlisted Service member and concurrence of the
separation authority, separation may be directed when genuine dependency or undue hardship
exists under these circumstances:

(a) The hardship or dependency is not temporary.

(b) Conditions have arisen or have been aggravated to an excessive degree since
entry into military service, and the enlisted Service member has made every reasonable effort to
remedy the situation.

(c) The administrative separation will eliminate or materially alleviate the condition.

(d) There are no other means of alleviation reasonably available.

b. Characterization or Description. Honorable, unless the separation is under one of the following circumstances:

(1) An entry-level separation is required under paragraph 3c of Enclosure 4.

(2) The characterization of service is general (under honorable conditions) as warranted under paragraph 3b(2) of Enclosure 4.